Pregnancy involves massive changes in your body in a very short period of time.

Your posture changes giving you shoulders, wrist and lower back pain. Your balance changes due to the growing bump. Your ribs elevate and open, restricting your breathing. Your pelvic floor stretches while holding an increasing weight inside of your abdomen. Your abdominal muscles stretch and separate changing the core stability of your body.

Still, your life continues  the same, and you need to carry the shopping, hold your other kids, clean the house, go to work and use your body as if nothing was going on. 
For generations, women had children with no support to look after their bodies, but nowadays, we want more than just having babies, we also want to enjoy an active life, to maintain a social life, to develop a career, and to do loads of things that require us to have a healthy body.


At Loving Tums we help your body stay strong throughout the trimesters, so you are able to carry out your day-to-day life with less issues. Through a bespoke programme including holistic bodywork, massage, nursing care and fitness, you can live your pregnancy in a better physical and mental state, gaining confidence in the ability of your body to adapt, by learning new movement strategies in a continuously changing body, keeping you independent, safe and ready for a quicker recovery after childbirth.

Every session and care plan is thoroughly designed and tailored just for you and your unique needs. An utterly divine treatment for the amazing queen you are!
According to the latest research, manual therapies alongside exercise strategies and pelvic floor/breathing work is the most efficient approach to get long-lasting benefits in a perinatal body. At Loving Tums, you receive it all! 

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While pregnant, the fitness goals are:
Preventing or treating lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, and other musculoskeletal pains that could take the joy of the pregnancy, create stress and even remain chronically after having the baby.


Restoring motor control of pelvic muscles for better biomechanics, preventing pain and increasing functionality.

Keeping you active, which has many benefits for both, you and the baby!


Teaching you important movement strategies and ergonomic advice to stay out of pain and use your body in the most efficient way.


Managing your balance as your gravity centre shifts, which has an impact on pelvic pain, not just accidents.


Preventing pelvic floor complications (incontinence, prolapses...) by improving abdominal stability and trainig your body to manage the intra-abdominal pressure


Giving you important pampering time through holistic massage and breathing work, helping you reduce stress levels (which have an impact on the baby cognitive development as well as on you overall physical wellbeing)


Managing swelling through manual lymphatic drainage.


Getting you fit and strong for labour, increasing your endurance and giving you better chances for a positive birth experience.


Getting you also mentally ready for labour, learning strategies for a positive birth.


Making sure your body and core are  in the best condition to recover faster and better after labour, needing less rehab and allowing you to return to your active routine quicker.

Only at Loving Tums you are able to get such a comprehensive care plan. It's much more than fitness, much more than massage, much more than just body work, much more than perinatal nursing. Its a highly specialised service to help you navigate through pregnancy and labour in the best shape you can be! 
Whether you are just exercising for the 1st time or you're a professional athlete, the programme will be adapted to your level of fitness so you can train according to your capability 


When you purchase a membership you have the chance to enjoy weekly sessions, giving you the opportunity to alternate between all the services depending what you need every day.  Massage every couple of weeks, core work, mobility and breathing work in between... whatever you need! 
At Loving Tums, your wellbeing is the goal, so you can give the best to your baby!

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